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Ranked Win Tracking


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I completed the Legendary amulet a while ago, that was painful for both me and my teammates as I'm not very good at all, now that the decade of the dragon achievements are around I had to play my 10 PvP matches. I played these games in ranked and on Rev and after the first game I got an Achievement for the backpack. I thought to my self, maybe I can progress through that. It turns out all I needed to do to progress through the first achievement was but a backpack from a vendor. So achievement 1 done, now I read the steps for part 2 and see okay I need wins and kills. But I've got loads of kills in Ranked and at least 120 wins in 1 season.


My question is why don't the achievements clock what I've done already? 


I understand if this was a new achievement that auto-progressing everything would be unfulfilling, but I was working on Transcendence and the item came out after the backpack. 


My suggestion is either track the achievements whilst they are locked, or:

Give the player some info as to what's needed to finish chains. For example let me know at my next PvP win that if I want to finish the chain all I need to do is this last thing, like I needed to buy a backpack. 

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