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Halp! Im drowning in year rewards and stuff


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Hello all,


Returned player (well, never relogged in  probably last 10 years) and got 5 characters around level 3 to 12 - I was shocked by amount of stuff I got for free in all this time, to the point im encumbered (ofc dont have much room, have some 4 slot bags i think) and literally driven off by share fact I dont have a clue for anything I got, but kinda feel its important stuff, so I dont want to throw it away to make some room. Therer are numerous chests blinking in bottom right corner, and I can not open them beacuse of the amount of stuff in them!


Got overwhelmed to the point, I dont want to continue playing if solution is not found. So, what I need is someone can direct me to place where I can get some multislot bags just to slot my free stuff in it, and to actually be able to breath again and go on with the game? Or maybe direct me where can I find a bank or something, where this free stuff would be safely placed, release my burden and make some room for the "normal" stuff I get in game?


Seriously, im in dilemma - I want to play with these toons, but on other side I dont want to loose anything I got in all these years of me not playing, beacuse I find that stuff will be crucial later.


So, im asking - whats the best thing for me to do to not be overwhelmed and loose the interest in game quickly, and how to "fix" my current situation? Are bags expensive for new players? I really really need a solution for this, any help would be appreciated!

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Its hard to help you without knowing your race or where your character is at. Every race has a city that can be entered from their starter map, and from there you can find a bank, trading post, etc.


You can also buy bags from the trading post (go to the third tab on the left then select Inventory Bags), and then find some in your price range. Just be careful of invisible and safe bags, they're useful but they hide your items from vendors,so they're not good to use as normal bags.

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I would note as well that if you're referring to 10 years x 5 toons worth of birthday gifts, much of that can be cleared as you go... You don't need to save the Karma cards, Dye kits, etc.; I would suggest that you simply use them as you open to add them to your account and free up the inventory slot.  The level boosters, birthday cakes buffs, etc., are stackable within a single bank slot for each item, so they also consolidate pretty nicely.  I don't think you really need to invest in additional storage bags for these items.

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Most of the rewards are consumable in some way - you can also go to a bank and use the bank tab to un-encumber yourself with the account bound rewards.

Leave anything that looks like a container for last so you can control how much stuff you are getting in your inventory at a time.

And just leave stuff in the mail until you sorted out your inventory, it's not going to disappear as long as there are items inside.

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