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[EU][WvW][AG], Ghetto Homies [DMT]. Looking for new recruits to make AG Rise Again.

fero busaie.4076

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[DMT] Ghetto Homies.
We are a WvW Guild Based on Aurora Glade. We are currently looking for more recruits to the Guild to make AG Rise again!!


Our Main Goal on WvW is to build a strong raiding squad and help train New Players to be prepared for the New Upcoming Alliences System. We are currently focused on running Guild Raids and Roaming.



What Are we Looking For?
We are currently looking for New, Old and Returning players who are willing to improve thier skills and be active during our Guild Raids and loyal people.



- To be able to attend Guild Raids when he/she has a chance to, and Represent during Raids, other than that no Representingis required unless you want to.
-To join the Guild's Discord Server and be able to join voice and at least listen (No Mic Required)



To join or want more info be sure to contact me here or on Discord @FERO32#6291.

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