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I just soloed Ascalonian Catacombs! (New player)

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1 hour ago, Hermes.8159 said:

Yesterday I was playing with my gf but we couldn't finish the dungeon (lack of time) and today I just wanted to see if could solo it, took me some time but I did, I loved the challenge, I don't know if it is possible to solo more content in the game or how common this but I had fun doing it.




grats doing that on alevel38 ele. I still die on my 80s lol. People say dungeons can be soloed but it all depends on the dungeon and the path and the class. i see full 80s fail and die 

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Yes it is possible to solo most non-timer instanced content in the game, but it entirely depends on skill level. Soloing the last dungeon was considered a benchmark for the very elite players before raids and fractals came along.

Ascalon is on my bucket list to solo one day, so well done 👍

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7 hours ago, Arianth Moonlight.6453 said:

all dungeons can be soloed (story mode). Dungeons are old and kinda easy by today standards. Some explorable modes have mechanisms that requiere more than 1 player so it's impossible to solo those.

You CAN explorable solo dungeons, its just stupid hard, I tried on 3 classes and couldn't manage to do Ascalonian Catacombs 

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Well done !!!

As people have said all the dungeon story modes can be soloed but it depends on your class, build and experience. Typing in (dungeon name) story mode solo on YouTube you'll see players that are absolutely amazing at it. Of course they've played that mode many times before to learn it. Catching up on long forgotten untouched achievements so going through all the story modes myself, just up to the final dungeon now (Not Arah, its story mode has been made solo-able for your personal story). Have found the last few dungeons quite a bit harder due to my class not really being 100% suitable for tanking/healing against bosses and its build I've been too lazy to update since Heart of Thorns, perfectly fine for story content, open world, meta events and world bosses though.


Have never soloed Ascalonian Catacombs myself, it was the first dungeon we did as a guild back at launch, but after the guild found out there was no end game they all as a whole all went back to WoW leaving just a few of us diehards behind 😞 Back in those days there were no raids, strikes, fractals. And thinking with the mindset that you had to have 5 to complete them the few of us that did stay never touched dungeons again.

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Grat's on your first solo 😄

You have now developed a taste for it and will get the urge to 1v1 everything that's big and scary in Gw2 haha
It happened to me too many years ago😄 


It is possible to solo all the dungeon stories, the last one Arah has been balanced for it specifically.
The Ascalon Catacombs is one of the easier ones if you know what your doing but some of them can get pretty hard to solo.

From my experience Honour of the Waves is the hardest by far to solo, but it can be done with the right build and know how.

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You solo'd the story instance, not the exploreable version of the dungeon. And yes, it can be solo'd. Congrats!

On 8/31/2022 at 8:33 PM, DexterousGecko.6328 said:

Not going to click on that link, but congratulations! Hope you have fun with Guild Wars 2

Imgur is the image upload site that ANet used on their old forums. No dangers there. 😉 

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