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Minion suggestion


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Had an idea to spice up minions and not have to worry about them being passive, though it may be tough to fit into traits as they are right now. The idea is to reduce the cast time to summon but kill the minion on active


Bone minions: Let putrid explosion use player critical hit chance and add a run to the targeted enemy when you use putrid explosion if it isnt already in range


Shade: add a short fear to Haunt maybe


Bone fiend add an aoe to the active.


Blood Fiend: brings back your most recently killed minion (if that can be done ) or partially recharges one of the non-flesh golem minion skills


Not sure about flesh golem because it is pretty great CC already

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9 hours ago, Artificer.3468 said:

Well I still have a bit of hope left, so until that runs out I'll keep trying.

hope dies last, huh? Funny cuz necros dies first =:/

2 hours ago, PolarBear.3961 said:

Making minions non permanent would actually kill necro for me...

hmm... I see your point but considering minions do next to no dmg, die extremely easy and barely do anything useful, I see no reason to have them all the time.

fun fact: Years ago, minions were supposedly "bugged" and basically were unable to attack and yet they used to deal more dmg than they do today...


20 minutes ago, Kronos.2560 said:

But at this point they are just ugly, useless and if anything simply getting in the way while keeping you in combat when you don't want to be. 

minions? More like ugly minis... Without the reduce size of course. Oh, and like you said, more annoying (although that can be easily fixed just by de-spawning them out of combat.)

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i mean even if you like minions "for the memes" or whatnot... they are apita to use cause they regularly despawn when you stay on your Skyscale for too long or whatever nonsense interaction they have.

it's really not even fun.

The only Situation i use minions is a Minionmancer-Build when i wanna farm Heropoints in HoT for my first E-Specc on a new Necro.

for me (personally), Blizzard did a good job with the Demonology Warlock in WoW, when it comes to a "Minion based Class / Specc). Maybe Anet could do something in said direction? I don't know, they probably won't tho so.. yeah.

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3 hours ago, PolarBear.3961 said:

Making minions non permanent would actually kill necro for me... just make them scale off the necro stats (like 10 -15%) and im happy. 

It's why I would prefer it to be a choice through traits somehow to make them die on active skill because I know people enjoy them being consistent 




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For the bone minions, it would be really cool if you got a bone minion every so many seconds automatically, and that you can get up to five of them and can explode them on will. But truth be told, minions at this point need a complete rework. I am currently running a minionmancer build in OW, and while it's fun, I can also feel the sacrifice I'm making for running minions. I like the idea that they passively contribute to the fight, even when you're in shroud, but I would like it if they would allow for more active play.

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On 9/1/2022 at 9:49 PM, PolarBear.3961 said:

Making minions non permanent would actually kill necro for me...

How come? Imo Glyph of Lesser Elementals actually feels way more Minion Necro'y than anything on Necro tbh. 

It's basically permanent (120 second duration, 40 second/32 second traited CD), but fits much better into the idea of continuously summoning disposable.. well, minions - while ironically for Ele the permanent summons of Necro might be more thematic. 


Combine that semi-frequent summoning and dying minions concept of Glyph of Lesser Elementals with Death Nova and something like Signet's of Suffering (which recharges Signets while in Shroud) but for minions, as well as a reduction of cast times - and you'd imo actually get a far more fun top line for Death Magic, and a far more fitting gameplay loop for Necromancer. 


In GW1 Minion Mancer was all about constant minion management and resummoning after all (and even after capping them at max 12 minions at the time, still gave somewhat of an undead army feel) - which was honestly far more fun than the mismatched, ineffective, permanent minion posse of GW2. 


Short lived, disposable and semi-spammable minions is imo a far better direction for Necro than the current iteration - even any efficacy question aside.

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