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Voiceover lines frequently failing to play during all forms of content.

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Not really sure what you'd call it at this point, but this has now happened across 2 PCs, one terribly old and one that's fairly current.

Regardless of how crowded a map is or what I have my audio quality set to (been trying 'fastest' to see if that makes a difference, which it doesn't), random dialogue fails to actually play. All I get are speech bubbles. It's at its worst in Dragonstorm but it's happening a lot in pretty much all the content I've been doing (LS4, Icebrood, EOD, raids, general openworld). Some lines play when I repeat the content, but then others that played previously fail to do so. Checked all my audio drivers and they are all up to date.

Would a game repair work, perhaps? Or do I need to consider a fresh reinstall of the game completely?

EDIT: Did a game repair, and I'm still getting the audio issues mentioned above.

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Still no change in this issue, regardless if a voice line played previously, it's a 50-50 shot whether or not it plays the next time I do the exact same content. Not sure why this would happen on 2 pcs in a row though. Should I try to uninstall and do a fresh install of the entire game at this point? Trying to avoid this at all costs because of how long it takes to download the game on middling wifi. Has anyone else ever run into this problem and/or solved it?

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Strangely enough, I switched my audio quality in-game back to the highest setting, and magically all the lines are playing again. Where I was maybe hearing about 25% of the lines in Dragonstorm before, I heard every single one after changing the quality back. Weird.


Is it possible that the 'lowest/fastest' setting just means it culls the occasional voice line to cut down on loading times? Because honestly I've never *heard* a difference in quality between lowest and highest.

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