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Visions of Istan: Astral Weapons

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35 minutes ago, WraithElite.7538 said:

In order to buy the item from Yasna, i need to craft 6 astral weapons, it happens that i have 7 and yet the item is unavailable for me to purchase. What do i need to do? Am i missing something?

You're trying to purchase Vision of Equipment: Astral Weapons? I assume you are doing Visions of Istan.


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Just to confirm, when you look in your Hero panel under Achievements> Legendary Trinkets> Vision of Istan, what does the objective shows? X/7? Also, box number 6 (Vision of Equipment: Astral Weapons) is still greyed out? Asking because it's possible you somehow already purchased and fulfilled that part of it.

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1 hour ago, WraithElite.7538 said:

Ok, this is weird, i just loged in and i have the achievment now, but i did not purchased the item from yasna. so weird.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Not sure if I accidently click on an item or the game is just being nice. So, always check your achievements. Can be done very fast by just searching for keywords, such as "Istan" in your case.

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