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Daily quests as a expansion owner. [Merged]


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I do agree with the OP's pov. Way back when I first crossed level milestones and later bought hot, I was always bothered by the sudden shift in dailies on top of having to figure out everything else that had been newly unlocked. It is a bad design and should have been corrected a long time ago.


When I was leveling my very first char, me and my friend and sibs l were just mucking around at world bosses (the crappy ones) and other events which gave crappy coppers, so that 2g absolutely felt critical to us back then. This was on top of me trying to save up to buy enough 18slot bags. Back then.


To op, an additional option to finding a guild with the windswept guild hall (if you aren't comfy with asking in LA for it) is to tp2fren to jahai bluffs. It's 1m away from vabbi and there shouldn't be much NPC's along the way. Just an additional option to consider.

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