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Beyond God of War and Ultimate Dominator


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I have noticed that at least in those registered in gw2mists.com that a large majority of players that have reached God of War and Ultimate Dominator have left WvW entirely.   Is there any chance of adding another title or an achievement after these two are reached for someone to work to achieve something else and want to stay in WvW?  It's a shame to leave arguably our most experienced players with a desire to continue with WvW having achieved both titles.

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Titles are fluff achievements, they have no meaning, and are not a prestigious goal for any player, you don't even get to see titles  in wvw until you target the player to see it on the target plate.. The real reason those players probably left is because they got bored of wvw gameplay. This affects a small percentage of players, like the ones sitting around with 50k skirmish tickets somehow, they played a lot and probably burnout.

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more like ultimate pepegator. these titles are all for nothing in the end.

gOd oF PPT and ultimatly dollynator (after 10 years or what birthday is it?) aren't even telling u anything anymore

those who left won't just come back for some random title. most just got tired that anets nerfings made things just worse and that the Wvw gamemode got basically put behind everything. it got no useful changes since ages, and only gets pvE things as "updates"

ppl weren't happy with gliding i heard, and same they don't like the warclaw.


naturally... i mean the maps are just not big enough for all the mobility, they were designed for foot march. it was really nuts to just throw random pvE things in.

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I'ev got both the title's, and i still love playing wvw. Cause i dont play it for silly titles and rewards. I play it cause its competitive and fun. And imo ppl who really care about wvw as a whole, dont give a crap about what titles they can get. Ppl who are serious about wvw play it for the competitive aspect, and not freaking achievements and titles. So ppl who stop playing cause they run out of achievements and titles to get, have no business in wvw anyway. 

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On 9/8/2022 at 9:02 AM, Thomas.2564 said:

I'ev got both the title's, and i still love playing wvw. Cause i dont play it for silly titles and rewards. 

This is what Arenanet (and a lot of WvW players, frankly) don't understand.


1. Ultimate Dominator and God of War are not "achievements", they are events. Things that will inevitably occur, but not something that should be strived for or worked towards.


2. This thread could be called "Beyond Legendary" and dumped in the PvE forum. World of Warcraft's Ever-Distant Carrot is not something the players have ever really wanted in GW2 and they made that clear early in the game's development.


3. If WvW players were here for rewards, they wouldn't be here. 


4. I'd recommend an entire redo of WvW titles and WvW Abilities and HoT Guild Upgrades. It'll never happen because Arenanet is busy making PvE content to satisfy the Wowfugees.

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