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My character must be a lousy thief


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4 hours ago, Squeesidhe.4761 said:

LOL thanks, but I didn't say I was a lousy Thief (I didn't say I wasn't, either), but that my CHARACTER was. It seems that there are NPCs who are MUCH better at their jobs than the Commander is. Malice Swordshadow's abilities put the Commander's to shame. 

Just wait until you meet Queen Mary Sue Jennah, who can not only raise a shield over an entire city that's able to withstand siege weapons and magic artillery, but one-shot enemies at range whilst bound and immobilized by powerful magics, and break out of said magics literally at-will.

We've killed elder dragons and a literal god, and even come back from the dead, but here we are, sucking our thumbs and gurgling whilst the real heroes deliver scripted dialogue, lol.

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