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Qustion About Gifting from Gem Store

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Recently I created a Steam account for only buying stuff from gem store and gifting to my main Arenanet account. Because credit card isn't common thing in my country, last time I buy an expansion it cost me double for using some service that help buying key with interest cost added,  and buying steam balance is easier.

Yes I upgraded my steam account so its not a free to play account.

The gift icon said : This feature currently disabled, Please try again later.

and the wiki said:


Newly created accounts with unlocked expansions are unable to send gifts for a given time.


I think its been 3 days since I upgrade my steam account,

my question is : How long should I wait?

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2 hours ago, SandraSolace.7682 said:

Not sure where I read this but I believe it's between 3 to 30 days before you can gift. See it as a way to make sure nothing illicit is going on. Chances that it will happen before the 30 days are good though. Just be patient 😉


yeah lets just be patients, thanks

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