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Why are ranger pets less responsive now?


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Hey guys

I didn't see any other thread talking about this, even the one mentioning other stealth pet nerfs didnt, but lately I've noticed that pet skills now have an aftercast delay, where the pet doesn't cast a second skill for a whole second after casting the first skill. For instance, i can't command my wolf to Brutal Charge (f3knockdown) and then immediatelly Crippling leap (f1); the pet will cast f3 and then wait for a few seconds before being able to cast F1. Before, you could do that quickly and responsively, why was this changed? This lower skill expression and takes away from the pet controls that make Untamed such a fun a beautifully designed spec, it just makes for a worse gameplay experience overall... Idk, i feel like pet skills are already clunky enough as it is, this really feels like a bug or an unintended change (maybe from the autocast update? im not 100% sure). Did you guys notice this? Why was this added to the game?

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It has been like this for a while. Collateral damage because of a change aimed at mechs, who were accidentially canceling their robot's skills, so they changed all pet skills to not get canceled by each other, (which happens to includes those awful long aftercasts on ranger pet skills) and made ranger pets a lot less responsive overall.

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