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Issues with the trading post, super slow response time

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Hi Arena Net

Thanks for a lovely game, to all of you who are your employed (or been) at Arena Net. To those that code, make awesome art and to those that make quircky text when talking to npcs. I see all of you and are thankfull for every detail.

My issue:
Since about the june 28 patch the trading post is just super mega slugish for me, text isn't loading, i'm having issues sorting through tabs and browsing is just painfully slow. I have 2 computers, one really up to date that I game on and has awesome gamingpower. I also have a worse one that I use when i'm not home but would like to game a bit.

Internet at home (Telia swedish internet and phone company  Fiber 100 in mb / 100 out mb) tested alot at bredbandskollen.se. It's fluctuating but is atleast stable at around 40/120.
My internet has been a bit wonky at the up to date computer and I had some wierd dcs, but it hasn't been like that for a while now. But the trading post are just slugish and right now I rather not use it. The older computer that I use at spots where i don't have to use the fiber at my home is much smoother with black lion trading post.

My suspicion:
Something is off with my internet, because GW2 is super smooth and i have no issues with regular gameplay, But because the black trading post are webbbased and seem to take alot of information from the internetconnection it's not loading correctly.

What I have tried:
Deleted guild wars 2 and reinstalled, tried different times a day. Shut down the router for 2 hours to restart internet again. Virus scan on the whole computer, i really do not want to reset everything to 0. But I guess if i have to, it must be done.

Have I missed something that i'm able to do? Is there a way to check data/log on why Black tradingpost are being slugish at just my computer? Is there a setting i have missed in SETTINGS to reduce something something black lion trading post?

Kind Regards Mohjo

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