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Disconnected in raids(only)

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So I got disconnected while raiding quite a lot in last month; the way I am disconnected it's weird : my character looks like ON and inside Wing but for rest of the party the character looks like he is ON but outside in Aerodrome, I can even see the party chat and I can use the party chat also. I can see my party members asking me to come back but on my screen I am inside, near them....weird. If it takes 10 minute to reform the squad, I can stay 10 minutes offline without knowing. So I have to relog in order to keep raiding. Mostly(not 100%) this is happening, between bosses while somebody in raid squad, goes outside to change char or we invite a new raider. And seems to happens only to me, weird again...

Others :

I use arcDPS and DX 11;

No disconnects (of any kind) for me in other parts of the game.


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