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Seasons of the Dragons bugged? - please delete


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I have a situation here, maybe someone can help.


I finished all living world and personal stories on my main and started the End of Dragons story as well.


The "Return to.." stories from Season of the Dragons i completed from several alts(because they do more dmg and don't die as fast as my main 😄 )


Today I completed the last achieve from "Return to.." story and went to Eye of the North, with may main, to speak with Taimi and Gorik in order to start the Parallel Analysis, which from my understanding starts with "Return to Research"(unlocked after completing the Champions story). The problem is that in Eye of the North, I didn't find Taimi and Gorrik - only some records  which i listened to  and still, no achieve.


I already completed the Champions story on several characters(very frustrating and boring story for me, as i am a noob and die a lot) and still.. no npc's.


How do I speak with Taimi and Gorrik? Do I have to replay the whole Champions story AGAIN?! or do I find them somewhere else?


Please help. And thank you for reading this ^^


LATER EDIT - yes, a simple replay of the last part in the Champions story fixed everything. The topic can be deleted 😄

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