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Engineer build discussion


What you play on Engineer?  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. What spec you like to play more in PvE...

    • Power Scrapper
    • Quickness Scrapper
    • Heal Scrapper
    • Power Holosmith
    • Condi Holosmith
    • Power Mechanist
    • Condi Mechanist
    • Alacrity Mechanist
    • Heal Mechanist
    • Core
  2. 2. ...and why ?

    • Because it's Meta
    • Because I enjoy it
    • Because it's Low Intensity
    • Because it's high intensity

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  • Poll closed on 09/10/2022 at 09:00 PM

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The rifle rework + buff to big boomer and mine throw made me try some core Engineer build.


I tried doing T4 fractal with this build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlJwOYasNWJOsLvreA-zxQYhogryGkaZEYCURBo/AA-e


It worked ok I guess, still need to think if I can either improve its DPS or make it a bit easier in its rotation. I am using the same build for OW except I change the grenade kit for a breakstun. It also work decently against boss you can kite.


I tried a bit Power Scrapper and Holosmith. It is nice to see Scrapper and Holosmith back in the benchmark with roughly the same DPS, though I still didnt find a decent power OW build with Holosmith.

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Lately I've been playing hybrid Holosmith and have been enjoying it a lot. I don't want to play mechanist as that's being spammed everywhere, and hammer Scrapper... just feels slow. It can do good damage and can face tank a lot, but it never felt like I was doing damage, if that makes sense.


I was going to use Viper gear on Holosmith, but because I don't really care about expertise and the fact that I can get Rampager gear with karma I went with that. It also has better crit chance so that's a plus.


I've been testing out armor runes and right now I'm using Superior rune of Dolyak. For the runes I'm mainly looking for survivability. I also use Sigil of Blood to help with this as well. I'm not really the type of player who puts everything in damage and tries to kill the target first.


Only downside is that I basically have to use both explosives (for the vitality) and firearms (for bleed and burn on crits) specializations.

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I like that thay added quickness to scrapper, 

i play hqs (heal quickness scrapper) on t4/cms/raids (mainly w1-w4+w7) and strikes

having fun alot


thay swaped burst healling, for more of stabile healing overtime, but it's still good pick

i like suprise ppl, and provide them superspeed for faster clears, smiling faces are always welcome


thay also added aoe fury on firearms, so now you no longer need runes of pack to provde half of fury to team

i wish med kit 1 healing stats modificator wuld be bit biger so you wild consider swaping alchemy to firearms tho


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