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<EU> <PVX> Deep Sea Monks [OOF] is a chill, mature and friendly place for all kinds of players looking for a community to call home <18+>


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Hey hey, I just saw your post and quickly wanted to say that I'd be interested in trying out your guild!


I'm 23 years old and I've been playing this game since 2017 (probably?) and kinda was on a 4 year break in between, but in recent months I returned! (yay)


I've played quite a lot actually, but always alone or with some friends. This would be the first time I'd actually join a guild, so this is really exciting for me! I'm yearning the social interaction and the ability to share my burning passion for the game with others!


I also have Discord and everything, and I'm usually around in the evening hours.


Anyway, I'd love to hear from you again! ^.^

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Hey, I'd love to join your guild 🙂 I'm 25 years old guy that also looks into doing a variety of content, I'm pretty much up for anything and I'd love to do some fractals and raids as well but I may lack actual experience if that's fine. I came back to this game after not playing for few years due to the new "hype" for Guild Wars 2 and enjoying it so far.

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