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Petition to finally add Mystic Coin gambling.

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12 hours ago, DarcShriek.5829 said:

I'm not talking about GW2 gambling, I'm talking about gambling in general.

yup, as a said there is still a house here, the algorithm that guarantees that over time you will lose, otherwise ecto prices would be 1 copper by now (i.e unless you are just playing against other humans there is a house involved)

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5 hours ago, DarcShriek.5829 said:

Have you ever heard of Poker?

Caribbean stud poker is played against the House, same as Blackjack. I only play table games for fun; the odds are definitely not in the players' favour. We won a hand of poker in Vegas with 4 aces and "only" got a payout of $500.

Off topic, but Craps is my game of choice. Some of the bets offer the truest odds in the casino, and even if you are betting with small stakes, there can be thousands of dollars of other players' money riding on your throw of the dice 🙂 

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