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Staff buffed cause of Steam release?


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Sorry I couldn't resist. 

I absolutely had the feeling they buffed a bit staff only cause of the Steam release and to justify the Ele class description that says "prefers ranged damage" while we all know that that is only on paper. Anet's plans for Ele have never been of a proper mage class but has always been treated for YEARS like a melee class. 

Steam players don't get fooled!! Ele is not a normal mage class in GW2 ^^ it's stuck with mechanics old from 2012 and never truly changed/improved.

Its a fun class if u like kittening around in pve but don't expect to be effective in endgame unless you can memorize 50+ skills rotations and you can perform it while not watching skill bar cause u WILL need to dodge those aoes 🤣

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