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Condi Scourge weapons


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1 hour ago, Alhussaini.3420 said:

What about the secondery weapon 


Scepter/Torch & Scepter/Dagger or Warhorn is the commonly used dps setup for Scourge.

Edit: After a quicksearch, Warhorn seems to be the prefered option in current builds.

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http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSzAs+jlNwAZcMNGJWMXVvSA-zRJYkRLfZkbB0RK49JIctwDA-e - open world/solo.


Can spam skills with complete disregard for lifeforce, pretty much immune to condis, may not be the best for damage wise, but gets the job done.

Easy to use, no rotation needed, can be used with 1 hand most of the times (had an accident with a knife, this build pretty much became my crutch ingame)

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Scepter + Torch in primary, Staff in secondary.

Use Staff for breakbars (fear + chill) and spamming out some minor bleed/regen while waiting for weapon swap to come back up. Staff can also be a great condi cleanse.


You don't really have a choice - Axe and Dagger are both worse than Staff for condi. You can also go the dual Scepter route, but personally I like Staff's utility.

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