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incendiary powder & rifle


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I just toyed around a bit with incendiary powder and rifle, with the idea that the auto-attack is so fast that I can crit fast and quickly ramp up burn stacks along with bleeds.


I wasn't maxed-out or anything - just a mix of rabid/celest/grieving gear I had lying around.


The results were disappointing - even when I was careful to fire traited battering ram after I had a stack of burning, I never saw my stacks go up to 2 on mobs in the silverwastes.  I did manage stacks on a champion that ran into the area, but I wasn't watching carefully because I didn't want to die. 🙂


Does incendiary power have some sort of internal limit?  I didn't see anything on the wiki; it just says "your critical hits inflict burning."

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11 hours ago, Legion.9617 said:

Incendiary Powder can work on a grieving Rune of Balthazar hybrid build that employs a rifle, grenade kit and both Explosives and Firearms. In general, however, yes.. it's mainly there for pistol engineers.

Not really. You would sacrifice a ton of stats + modified ammunition for some week burning. Hybrid engi cant really work because of modified ammunition and IP being on the same tier. Well and because engi has not one dominant condi but 2 being fairly equal in distribution.

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