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[NA][GoM][PvX][Casual] πŸ”° Pandora's Paradox [Myth] | New social and laidback guild | Join today and get a free cookie! πŸͺ


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Pandora's Paradox [Myth] is a freshly made casual guild (and I mean FRESHLY made guild) based on the Gate of Madness server. We are in the building phase right now, looking for new and returning players alike to start creating a community for everyone to enjoy and play together in! We currently have a small but steadily growing roster of players and the Myth leaders are (mostly) veteran players with a decade of experience in the GW2 world. We love helping new and returning players get into the game and get to playing! To those veteran players out there, do not fret, we are welcoming of all player levels.


What we are...
- A laid-back, social guild to hang out in and have fun chatting, socializing, and doing casual gameplay with.

- A veteran led guild that knows the game quite well and can answer just about any questions.

- A community that does cross-gaming to avoid burnout in Guild Wars 2; after all... some of us have been playing non-stop for quite a while.

What we are NOT...

- A hardcore, end-game content mill that runs everything all the time.

- A strict and uptight guild that expects a lot from people.

- A diehard GW2 guild that only plays this game and nothing else.


We currently offer:

- WvW (based on GoM)

- PvP

- Strikes and Fractals, as well as help learning them

- Guild Hall (Lost Precipice)

- Weekly guild missions

- Community Discord server for all your social needs!

- Encompassing PvE content

We do all types of content at request and currently do not have a schedule for most content while we build up our guild. Don't be afraid to ask to do anything or how to do it!

(Note: we are a Gate of Madness based guild, in order to play WvW with us you will need to be on that server until Anet releases the alliance system)

You've got questions and we've got answers!-... to the best of our ability! Check the spoiler below for answers to the most common questions we get.

  • Repping policy: We do not require any amount of repping our guild in-game. We realize people have other guilds and commitments, and that's okay.
  • Raids & other hardcore stuff: We are currently looking into doing raid training for members that are serious about that content. We would eventually like to have a dedicated raid group. If you have any interest in doing raids, feel free to let us know upon joining.
  • Activity requirements: There is no activity requirement for anyone. We realize everyone gets busy or wants to do other things. Don't worry if you can't log in every day! You will only get moved down to the "Away From Game" role after 2 weeks of inactivity. We have decided to only kick members after 6 months of inactivity, but you are welcome to rejoin if you become active again at any time.
  • Other games: We cross-game, most of us don't exclusively play GW2. We have played a lot of Destiny 2, Minecraft, Satisfactory, Astroneer, Overwatch, etc. and we keep cycling the games we play to avoid burnout in GW2. We highly recommend joining our discord server for a more social experience and so you can hop in and join other games we all play together! The link is provided at the end of this forum and in our guild panel in-game.
  • Inviting: Everyone is allowed to invite other people to our guild, we don't mind. But please keep in mind that everyone must follow the same rules. We are a casual guild but we don't want people causing drama or problems. Just use common sense and play nice!
  • Time-zone: We have people from all over the world, so everyone has a bit of a different prime-time. However, we are mostly active during the evening US East time from 7pm-Midnight on weekdays, and usually late into the night on weekends. There is usually always someone around to hang out with!
  • Code Of Conduct: Look, we are all adults here. There is no reason to not use common sense in any situation. However, that being said, sometimes mediation is called for. Please respect your fellow guild members and they will do the same to you. If you need leadership to step in and help mediate, that is always something we are willing to do. Be kind, respect others, and if you feel that you need help from a leader then do not hesitate to reach out. It is human nature that not everyone will get along and there will be conflicts, especially in personality. Let's all just try to be accepting of each other and work out our differences!
  • Future Plans: Scheduled events, class training, mentoring, and raffles are all on the docket for us given enough growth for the guild.

Join us today and receive a FREE cookie! πŸͺ


Guild Leaders & Officers: (feel free to send us a message or mail in-game for an invite)

- Joshiek.4135 - Leader

- RandomHero.5431 - Leader

- Undeadcandy.4539 - Leader

- Krinkles.8516 - Leader

- ThisClockwork.2613 - Officer

Message us in-game, reply to this post, our join our Discord server and request a guild invite!

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  • Joshiek.4135 changed the title to [NA][GoM][PvX][Casual] πŸ”° Pandora's Paradox [Myth] | New social and laidback guild | Join today and get a free cookie! πŸͺ
1 hour ago, Tascha.8243 said:

Hi! Returning player trying to relearn the game. πŸ™‚Β  Interested in an invite

Hi Tascha! We'd love to have you join our community!Β  I've sent you an invite in-game, also feel free to join our Discord for more helpful guides and information πŸ™‚

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