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Monetary Gains Or Quality Balance?


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When mounts came out they made it much harder to play WvW solo because they made it so groups of players could run up and jump on you while you were fighting another player before you could get out of combat to mount up. They allow slow classes to play "leap frog" while chasing you if they have a fast class to keep you in combat. When Anet added mounts it made it much too easy for large groups of players to run up and kill you  before you can react.

End of Dragons brought many new specializations which are much stronger then the existing classes, it wasn't enough for Anet to come up with new and innovative play-styles or designs but they also had to make all the new specializations much stronger then the old ones to practically force you to buy the expansion if you wanted to have a chance in solo/small group play in WvW. Many of the new elite specializations have much more mobility then the only ones as well as more damage and boons.

I am disappointed that Anet is constantly choosing to promote game sales by adding things that are bad for WvW balance.

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Nerfing old specs and buffing/not bothering to balance new ones has been their MO for each expac. The once ubiquitous Spellbreaker had the last nail driven through his face when EoD came out. No point complaining about it now: balance is, and for long time has been, a dumpster fire. 


But don't forget: it's not a trade-off; sales don't come before WvW. Instead it's that WvW balance isn't even a topic for discussion on their end. 

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