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AutoLoot (Provisions Master) should not be locked behind an expansion purchase


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Currently to have AutoLoot in WVW you need to buy Heart of Thorns. I feel like such a basic QoL feature should not be locked behind an expansion and should be available for unlock to everyone.


It's quite annoying for new players to have to run around and collect their bags, getting separated from their group in the process. And since they don't have a mount, catching up is even more annoying. It often results in them getting ganked by the remaining enemy, while the group is already moving forward. Have some mercy on their poor souls, Anet.

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Kinda funny but when they added auto loot to pve from the HoT expansion they didn't even bother to do so for wvw, wvw is always a cornerstone of afterthoughts.



But yes auto loot should have just been a quality of life change for the entire game. But they had to have hooks in order for you to buy the expansions, auto loot, glider, mount, op elite spec, etc.

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