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Requesting additional combat related QoL

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I’ve been playing the game for 3 months and the combat in this game is great I’m enjoying it. I’ve starting trying some end game content but as a controller player (I know it’s not native but it can still work), there are some things that make combat more annoying to play and this is especially so with Action Camera mode. Examples being Weapon Skill 1’s auto attack function being wonky, only having the option to snap your ground target to your current target or having to aim your action cam reticle to the target to hit them.

The first issue I want to bring up is, it can be really difficult to know when your on your final hit of your Weapon Skill 1 chain when you have quickness. Because of how fast the combat is and how a lot of things are going on, it’s easy for me to just ignore what part of the chain I’m on and just use my skill instead of waiting for the chain of skill 1 to finish. It’d be nice if there was a colour indicator or even a small number to show which part of the chain your on to help identify where you are.

Secondly, another big issue I have sometimes is that my character stops using Skill 1 when I use Ground Targeting skills. It’s really annoying as it can really ruin the flow of your rotation, as you have to suddenly spam Skill 1 for a second or two until a skill is available so that the Auto attack function restarts. This also seems to happen when leaving your tome in Firebrand, your character stops using their Skill 1 unless you press another non-ground targeting skill.  In Final Fantasy XIV they have a small icon to indicate that your auto attack function is on, and as long as your in range you will always use it.  It’d be nice if their was something similar to that, to have an option for it to always be on so long as your in range you will always execute that specific skill regardless of if you ground target or accidently hit Skill 1. It should also be kept as the lowest priority so it doesn’t interrupt manually pressed or certain skill uses. 


Another concern I have (this happens especially on Engineer’s Rifle 5) is when you ground targeting something and you have the option to snap to your current target, it’s annoying if your ground target is a leap and you jump right near the centre of the enemies hit box. This means that I can get hit by AoE’s that hurt me if I am in the hit box (Whisper of Jormag’s chain mechanic) and also your character sometimes  will actually go a little more forward and end up being in front of the enemy. It would be nice if there was an option to aim a little behind the target or you could circle the reticle around the hit box but never be inside but it’s still snapped to the target so I could choose to be in front, to the sides or behind but never be in the middle.


Finally, the worst in my opinion is having to aim your Action Camera reticle at the target to hit them with certain skills. That is extremely annoying, especially since the screen can be cluttered up with party skills or enemies effects and sometimes it can be hard to see enemies. Something that would be nice, is if you could add an option to have your currently selected target always be your own personal target so it’s easier to identify who your targeting. Although it doesn’t help that some bosses want you to aim you camera in some ridiculous angles to hit them, which leaves you more vulnerable to getting hit by AoE’s because of how you have to your aim camera. A good example would be the final boss battle of your personal story, you have to lock on and also aim your reticle to hit the target, that feels so unnecessary. 

If there are any other issues or some solutions please do suggest some. 

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