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Can we standardize all Overload to 360 range?


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360 Fire Overload and Earth Overload with resized (and with earth more visible animation) would be a really nice QoL that doesn't affect dps and makes the class feel more impactful and fun 😄


Increases support radius for the boons and cleave radius, which seems fair - cleaving always has been a strong point of ele and fits thematically. Wouldn't really affect its 'power level' in instanced hardcore content, but improve usability and fun.


Edit: On a side note, if your only issue is with getting the might of fire overload to allies - you don't need them to keep standing in it if you just get the might on yourself then spread it with warhorn fire 4.

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I wish i would also like to see all overloads be an field during and after (with an after effect). So water overload needs to be an water field and earth overload needs to be sadly an poions field seeing anet is unwilling to make an earth field nor do they want to give ele an stealth field (i would take eather though).

Support ele over all is way too melee only support. This game lacks a true "mages" support or long range that dose not hit the caster.

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