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Gear Prefix for Condition Mirage Mesmer?


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I recently hopped back into GW2 and started revamping my characters and swapped my Mesmer into a Mirage specialization. The gear it had before seems to have had 'limits' like stacking Precision even though it had no bonus Power or Ferocity. I'll probably build the new gear directly into Ascended, they all have Exotic versions for what I need, so I can work on an 'Exotic' level of talk with the intent that it's really about Ascended stats.


The Mesmer I've been building for is maximum Condition Damage. (I can drop some Condition if the exchange is good, like Vipers having extra Power which may not work as good for me VS Sinister which might do better.)


Weapon wise I use:

Axe/Focus and a Staff.


The specialization is:

Illusions     1.3.1

Chaos         1.3.3

Mirage        2.3.1


Skills are:

False Oasis

Signet Inspiration  (Arcane Thievery for more demanding enemies)

Signet Domination
Signet Midnight




The plan of attack is to setup a bunch of clones with the Axe's Lingering Thoughts and use Axes of Symmetry and Phantasmal Warden to attack but if it's better to be far away, I'll get distance and use the Staff for Chaos Storm and regular auto attacks while the Axe clones take the hits. I can even Shatter the Axe clones at any point and generate three new clones with Phase Retreat and Phantasmal Warlock and swap back into the Axe/Focus to set up a Phantasmal Warden, Shatter the Staff clones and have the Warden turn into a regular Axe clone after and recreate a new pair of Axe clones with Lingering Thoughts. Rinse and repeat or something like that.


What I need to know is what Armor Prefix and Runes I should use for something like this. I don't  plan on changing weapons, skills or specializations at all unless there's some REALLY significant reason to. Thanks in advance.

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Vipers is ALWAYS going to be the highest DPS condition set for any fight that lasts any time at all.  You might be able to get a higher spike out of Grieving, but if the fight lasts much longer than the initial spike, the condition duration from Vipers will overtake it.

As for runes, Superior Rune of the Nightmare is probably best in slot for DPS overall, however, Tormenting will give you some regen when you inflict torment, so that's an option.  Depending on what condition you are inflicting, one of the other runes might be a better choice - like if the majority of your damage is coming from bleeding, rune of the Krait might be a DPS increase.  Here is the wiki page for Superior Runes so that you can pare down the list and focus on the attributes you want most:


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