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For HAM, can I take Explosives over Alchemy?


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The idea being that I just camp mace and bonk things to pulse barrier while I let a combination of Rectifier Signet + Big Boomer passively heal everyone through Dispersion Field. Elixir Gun and Mortar are emergency heals and I the concentration deficit is made up with either food, sigil, or fractal bonus.


For the obvious lack of condi cleansing, the goal here is just out sustain damaging conditions with ridiculous self regen + Blast Shield while Elixir Gun remains for emergency cleanse on allies.


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You can (or at least used to be able to) play Power Alacrity Mechanist as a pseudo-healer with Mace/Shield. The recent barrier nerfs hurt it a lot since PAM doesn't use Healing Power gear. You might be able to get away with it if the other players in your group are good at avoiding damage or if you swap Diviner's gear for Harrier's or Celestial, or something.


I wouldn't really recommend using Explosives on HAM. Big Boomer and Rectifier Signet (all passive heals, actually) only heal if you take damage. You won't be healing much through them if you stay at max health, and you should always be at max health since you're a healer.

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