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[BUG] Victory or Death cinematic bug/stuck

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So I've  returned to GW 2 after some time, got to lvl 80 and i'm trying to do the quest Victory or Death the final storyline quest.

But i'm getting stuck in the game after a cinematic cutscene.

It happend 3 times now today and i just can't finish the quest.

My chr keeps standing there with a film reel icon above my head, I can't move my chr or anything nothing works except pressing the esc button and logging out.

But this keeps resetting my quest, that I have to start all over.

the last time I invited a random player with me who aggreed to help me, many thanks, and we both got stuck after defeating the mouth of Zaitan.

We both stood there with a movie icon above our head....


This is not the first time I had this bug, other storyline quest I had this happening after a cinematic, I've used google and found other threads and ppl with the same problem....

it's really tiring and frustrating because I can't advance the game...

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