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[Suggestion] Research Notes

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I just can't understand the way that currency is implemented. I just crafted 50 exos just to recycle them with the "Research Kit" to obtain enough "Research Notes" for my leggy. I mean, if I can craft it, it might be because I already know everything about it 😉 ...

Anyhow, this is poorly implemented right now. I would be more happy if we could recycle equipment dropped/obtain (unindentified or not). Chance to obtain some would be raised by the rarity with rare being the only one with a guaranteed 1 Research Note. Lower rarity with either 1 or junk/jade sliver and less probability going lower. That way we would be able to get some over time if only for the Specialization collection that require 400 of them ! And we would have to choose between selling them for gold, salvaging them for Mat or taking chances to get Research Notes. Pretty sure it would not break the economy but it would make them usable at least.


And why is the food salvageable, we already have the Portable Composter for those.


Anyhow, what do you think?

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I agree that story and logic-wise it would make much more sense if you research unidentified gear..


I would suggest: 

Unidentified gear. Remove the ability to "use it" and let players use a research kit to identify the gear and recieve research notes. Identified gear can then be salvaged. With a slightly higher material output than when when you salvage gear that is not identified. 


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Research notes can be confusing. And over time they have changed how to get them. It's a little better now after they added salvage all, but I think it still needs some work. It does feel tedious to find things to salvage even when wiki helps you with it. I bought a stack of something before and then it couldn't be salvaged since they suddenly changed it. Adding unidentified gear as a source for them would help. 

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