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Balance update in the professions subforum


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13 minutes ago, Infusion.7149 said:

It's stated that CMC has had a hand in balance since late June? Mirage axe nerfs were stopped for PVE.

He's been on the balance team for years, more specifically for wvw. Where do you think one dodge mirage came from? (that he even chuckled about for the virtuoso stream) in fact he was on the forefront for the giant damage reduction patch. He was given a list of things to look at for mesmers after that nerf, that he asked for, and then completely ignored it. I don't expect much to change from the current meta and I don't expect the favoritism to stop, they're going to have to actually show this because I'm not some blind believer like some in the forums.

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22 minutes ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

He is now the skills AND balance team lead, so he indeed has full influence. Far as I know he plays ele, necro, and warrior more than the others.

I know he played core ele double daggers before spellbreaker.
I remember at the time Feb 2020 patch rolled out it was stated either by CMC or someone involved that they needed to wait for PVE "approval" or something of that sort before being able to change 300s cooldowns. I will wait for what actually happens, it's overdue for some sort of action on that front.

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