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[EU] Guild recruiting skilled players


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STG is a 3+ year old Aurora Glade [EU] guild, but only recently has been active and with a few excellent members.

We recently got the Guild Hall Isle of Reflection.


However, the majority of players are casual or new.

We are looking for skilled players and pros in the game to succeed in Guild Missions, and become our commanders, to join us showing the ropes to new players.

A commander tag would also be a tremendous advantage. 

We want you to lead squads into various games modes and show them the best that Guild Wars has to offer.


We are mostly looking to enjoy ourselves in GW2, and have fun, but we also take the hall development seriously. 


Come take a look at the Island.

We're in Aurora Glade Server.


What have you got to lose?

No obligation, no contract.

PM me or the second in command to join.


We do not pressure people on our guild.

We motivate.

We are also learning, so we need your experience and input.


Share your knowledge with new players.

Come, be someone special in our guild and not just another number.


See you there.

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