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I wish ArenaNet would bring back the "Evasive Powder Keg" for engineers in GW2. That trait skill was so much fun. :)


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I love dodging in GW2, and all the various buffs and fun that can be added to dodging.

  • My thief/daredevil loves dodging and leaving behind caltrops (as "uncatchable / lesser caltrops").
  • My mesmer loves dodging and leaving behind a clone (as "deceptive evasion"). 
  • My engineer (years ago) loved dodging and leaving behind an "evasive powder keg." I especially enjoyed how the powder keg almost looked like a little birthday cake -- my engineer would dodge and leave behind a cake (with a single candle) and then it would explode on the enemy pursuing her (haha cake of death! 🙂 ).

So here is my wish to you ANet, please bring back "evasive powder keg" for engineers. I'm still having fun, but I do miss the dodging cake of death. 🙂


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1 hour ago, bethekey.8314 said:

Holosmith's dodge trait

Ooh, fun! I've been away from GW2 for ~5 years, so I didn't know about Holosmith. Lasers!? Yes please! I see you're referencing the "thermal release valve" trait skill - that could be fun! Thanks! Maybe I'll try to unlock that - it looks like a long-term goal though.


3 hours ago, Atmaweapon.7345 said:

baked into Explosive Entrance


1 hour ago, bethekey.8314 said:

use Explosive Entrance

Yes, I selected "explosive entrance" as the replacement trait skill, but it felt disappointing after the fun cake of death. Maybe "thermal release valve" will bring back more fun. 🙂


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