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Ingenious Specialization Idea


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Do you want to mix deadly chemicals, be a controlling mastermind, send your experimented on lab assistances fellow players into battle, and laugh maniacally? Maybe it's time to take the next step in your profession. Don't be just another engineer, become an Ingenious one.

Mixing and Shaking Things Up.
You will carry spare parts, chemicals, and ingredients in your toolbelt based on your core specializations. Using your skills, you will Mix to create a useful Tools you can use shortly after making them. Mixing is messy though. Mixing leaves behind a field of chemicals your Tools or others can use to combine into other effects. Also, don't forget to laugh maniacally while mixing.

Crispy Toes: Create a fire field which cripple and damages foes. -> Fireworks: Place a whirling explosive which damages and dazes foes.
Black Ice: Create an ice field which knockdowns foes who enter or leave the field. -> Cold Fusion: Create an explosive blast which chills and damages foes.

Gunpowder: Create a smoke field which blinds and torments foes. -> Cannon Ball: Fire a long-range projectile which knockdown a foe and pushes foes away from the target.
Fertilizer: Create a poison field which torments foes and provides might to allies. -> Going Green: Whirl around to spray poison bullets at all the foes around you.

Ghostly Snare: Create an ethereal field that reveals foes and applies chill to them. -> Photon Beam: Fire a projectile beam which removes a boon and slows a foe every second.
Splash Zone: Create a water field which applies regen to allies and cripple to foes -> Flying Leap Over Obstacles Device: Leap with your water jetpack to a location while healing allies along your path.

Tread Lightly: Create a light field that applies stability and swiftness to allies. -> Lighter than Air: Drink an elixir which leaps you backwards and applies a Light Aura on you.
Five Second Rule: Create a dark field which steals life in the area (damages foes and heals allies every pulse). -> Dark Chocolate: Eat an elixir which applies a Dark Aura on you and a blast of Might to allies.

Tormenting Soil: Create a lightning field which torments and cripple foes. -> Charged Grappling Line: Use your device to fire a line that dazes a foe and leaps you to the foe. Stun if you are a Grandmaster Gadgeteer.
Smoke and Mirrors: Create a smoke field which applies confusion and vulnerability -> Smoke Pellets: Place a whirling smoke device which breaks stuns and vanish in stealth. Evade if you are a Grandmaster Gadgeteer.

You Will Need to Be Sharper Than the Sharpies.
Attack from range while others swing clubs and punish foes who come too close. Strike with a powerful rifle, condition inflicting pistols, or the brand-new chemical controlling scepter. Toss chemicals with this new weapon that weaken, confuse, blind, chill, and vulnerate.

1. Sugar: Throw a chemical projectile which applies weakness -> Spice: Throw a chemical projectile which applies confusion -> Chemical Mix: Throw a chemical projectile which applies weakness and confusion
2. Spinning Gold: Throw a chemical that spins and whirls at a location. The whirl finisher applies vulnerability and blindness.
3. One Small Step: Take a giant leap to a location that sprays chemicals when you land. The leap finisher applies protection to you and chills foes around where you land.

Send in the Red Shirts
You are the mastermind of the battlefield, so the more allies you have, the stronger you become. Support your allies with conditions and send them in to do the dirty work after applying a few deadly venoms on them. Unlike a thief who steals venoms from creatures, you use your expertise to synthesis your own specialized venoms.

Using your knowledge of life and death allows you to heal yourself and then prevent your foes from healing. You have utility venoms which stun break, provide powerful transferring of conditions, a slow bleed that provides consistent damage, and a high risk, high reward skill which can provide a burst of damage through conditions. This burst skill has counter play though which you and your opponents can play around. If used unwisely it has the potential of bursting you and your foe to the grave.

For the elitist, you have a kit of venoms you can equip for quick conditional application before switching to your other tools. Basic crossbow bolts do very little damage, but can be fired very quickly until the crossbow must cooldown and be reloaded. Once you are reloading the bolts, your rate of fire will be moderately slow. The power of the crossbow comes from applying venoms to your bolts and then very quickly stacking effects before stowing it. To also help, you can mark your target to make them vulnerable to your venoms or blast them to make your mutated guinea pigs allies mighty.

Biotech Venom: Heal yourself and apply poison to your and allies next attacks.

Equilibrium Venom: Stun break yourself and apply vulnerability on your and allies next attacks.
Transmogrification Venom: Transfer conditions on your and allies next attacks.
Hemoglobin Venom: Let them bleed out slowly. Apply long lasting bleeds on your and allies next attacks.
Nociception Venom: Apply bursts of confusion and a small amount of quickness to foes on your and allies next attacks.

Custom Crossbow Kit
1. Simple Bolt: Very low damaging ammo skill with a very fast activation.
2. Paint Your Target: Place a fire field that stacks vulnerability on your foes.
3. Sanitizing Tip Venom: Remove a boon from your foe on your and allies next attacks.
4. Magnesium Tip Venom: Apply burn on your and allies next attacks.
5. Black Powder Tip Venom: Your and your allies next attacks are blast finishers.

The More You Know...
This isn't a specialty for Bookahs. You are an expert in conditions both damaging and controlling. Expertise thus is an important stat. Your basic schooling will increase your condition duration, apply vulnerability, and enhance the vulnerability condition.

Bachelor of Science: You gain a mutation which builds Toxins slowly while in battle. When the Toxins fill you can use your F5 skill to apply Exposed Venom. -> Exposed Venom: Your and allies next attacks apply vulnerability.
Master Degree: Vulnerability you inflict lasts 33% longer. Gain condition duration for each stack of vulnerability on a foe.
Specialized PhD: Gain boons based on core specializations when striking a foe with vulnerability over the threshold.
               EXPLOSIVES: Swiftness
               FIREARMS: Fury
               INVENTIONS: Regeneration
               ALCHEMY: Might
               TOOLS: Vigor

Play Your Way
Customize your profession with traits. Go with a traditional condition damage layout, control your foes damage, control their movement while dealing damage, or mix the traits for something unique.

Can I... NOPE!
Everyone wants to do more damage, so control your foes damage while focusing on combo finishers. Apply slow, weakness, and taunt. Goes well with a Scepter and a Shield.

Mad Mixing: Fields created from Mixing last longer and apply slow.
Test Subject: Gain more Toxins when you are hit. Exposed Venom becomes Impaired Venom. -> Impaired Venom: Your and allies next attacks apply vulnerability and weakness.
Finish Me: Leap finishers apply taunt to foes. While you have an aura, you release a small burst of healing around you when struck.

This is Guild Wars 2. Only Your Damage Matters.
You are an expert in conditions, so let’s enhance condition damage. Poisoning foes becomes critical while you improve your Venoms. Goes well with dual pistols.

Toxic Waste: Poison you apply lasts 33% longer and fields created from Mixing apply poison.
Precise Ph: Gain Toxins when you critical hit a foe. Exposed Venom becomes Acidic Venom. -> Acidic Venom: Your and allies next attacks apply vulnerability and poison.
Critical Production: Your Venom skills apply an extra Venom stack for you. Your hits that apply a Venom have an increase chance to critical hit.

And They Said My Dance Degree Wouldn't Amount to Anything
Learn to move and groove. Take the lead by controlling your foes movement while continually moving yourself. Goes well with a rifle.

Slippery When Wet: Mixing creates larger fields and chills foes.
Major in Dance: Gain Toxins based on how far you move. Exposed Venom becomes Adhesive Venom. -> Adhesive Venom: Your and allies next attacks apply vulnerability and cripple.
Sedation Mutation: Attacking a foe with cripple and chill on them creates a mutation at the foe’s location. The mutation attacks all foes in the area a few times before immobilizing them.

Frequent Posted Comments
What are you calling this special
Look up Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" then come back.

I want a mechanical Tesla staff, personalized power armor, a crazed dagger surgeon, charge up skills, and/or an army of mutated underlings.
Me too! I just haven't been able to work out yet all the details to include them all in one specialization without causing a complete collapse of the multiserver. Keyword being yet.

All Bookah are welcome to visit the toddler section of the library. I would recommend the board book "That's Not My Golem."

Notes: This post has been created for fun with a small hope of providing some inspiration for developers and other fans. I hope you enjoyed my Ingenious idea.

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