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Question for PvE DPS Spellbreakers


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I'm curious if the recent dagger buffs changed the optimal Spellbreaker setup that used to be meta on Qadim 1 a while ago (Axe/Dagger Mace/Axe). Anyone tried benching Spb, or has an updated DPS build for strikes/raids?

I understand that this is far from meta and I wouldn't dare to play it in a decent group. But for training runs... I just enjoy the flow of this spec a lot more than the other warrior options and wish there was a way to make it somewhat viable in endgame PvE.

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I've played quickbreaker a bit in raids. It's quite nice as the rotation allows for banner placement whenever they're off CD. 


I did some runs on the golem afterwards. I'm not at all competent at golem rotations mind you, so on a quickbreaker i got to about 21k, no infusions. For comparison, I got 25k with the meta condi quickzerker build, which can reach 32k according to [SC]. If someone actually competent were to bench the quickbreaker, they'd probably hit 27-28k, which unfortunately is below the other quickness providers. Though, the golem rotation doesn't allow for full counter, so there is a possibility for the quickbreaker to work better in an actual encounter than on the golem.


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