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[Kill] Treliss - One year on, and sadness persists


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Good afternoon everyone/Anet,


A little over a year ago we lost a wonderful human being, guild mate and friend, andreas.7081 aka "Treliss." His sudden death sent shockwaves throughout our community of friends and guilds.

We held a memorial walk around  Divinity's Reach and said our final goodbyes in The Garden of Dawn in the Grove. It's doubtful that there were any dry eyes among us as people spoke fond memories of him on voice comms. We include in this thread our heartfelt gratitude to Anet Dev Darkbringerr for attending. You'll never know how much your support meant to us and your compassion is forever deeply appreciated.


The one year anniversary of his death once again opened the wound and broke our hearts. Writing this post is difficult because of the pain and loss. There are no words that could possibly express the vacuum left by his absence. And so, we humbly ask, for a permanent memorial in WvW to commemorate our friend. We would be eternally grateful, and being able to visit it would ease our minds.


For reference, the original thread and memorial video announcing Treliss's passing is here:

Divinity's Reach gathering ----- Screenshot of all of us showing up for the gathering



Thank you for your consideration.

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Yes he is still very missed, and the memorial walk was such an emotional event, but also very beautiful. It was wonderful seeing to many people together for Treliss and saying our goodbyes.

I really hope that Anet could do a memorial in WvW for him, or an npc with his name or something, to remember him.

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Treliss truly made a big hole in the community after his passing. In consideration after all he done to improve the wvw scene and being the nicest and humble person you could imagine I think he really deserves a memorial. I know Treliss crossed many peoples path in-game and I believe a simple gesture from Anet will relieve a lot of peoples scarred hearts


much love

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I hope anet will hear ya.

i doubt it though as some years ago long term riverside commander diloca passed away. He was the first one on riverside to reach the 10k diamond legend and well known to all players as a tolerant, helpful and social person.

for many players on riverside he was an important person doing daily leads for several hours.

When the anet support was informed about dilocas death they said this matter should be send to community@guildwars2.com directly.

The persons behind this email never answered. Until now nothing happened.

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Treliss was the person i was playing the most with , from simple guild raid , to side theorycrafts , to random talk , to trashtalk .
He was more like a brother or a partner in crimes , we never really aimed to be eachothers brothers , but it just happened, his early departure for a better life truly made me sad almost like a real life family member would .

And the first time in years i actually had feelings for something videogame related.

I would be really really gratefull if Anet would dedicate  10 pixel of their game where we all spend years of our life together to his name so that me and all the persons that loved him will have 10 pixels of good memories.

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