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Cooking Achievement will not progress.

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To whom it may concern, 


I have completed and have been waiting for my brick stove to arrive in my home instance for a couple days now I need help otherwise I can not progress. It seems the whole achievement is bugged and I can not continue the Asura or Sylvarri cooking line either. Opening support ticket is impossible it keeps shooting me back to support page. Not able to create support ticket. 

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Thanks Inculpatus i sent them an email. I am waiting to hear back from them. I simply can not further progress. Its nothing I could even remotely fix it has to be done by them. I will be upset if it cant be fixed but its internal for sure


But thanks again for a response I am confident that they can maybe reset it but i prefer they allow me to continue. Having to do it all over and I am 92% completion. That would really suck

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