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It's 2022. Why are racial and ableist slurs permitted in chats.


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I'm tired of reporting people who think, somehow, that it's okay to use racial and ableist slurs (ex: r*kitten) in chats. I'm tired of reporting people and having nothing done. Why can't this company ban extremely violent and harmful slurs. Why would I want to keep supporting and playing a game whose managers and devs think those words should be allowed to be in chats. Nothing good comes from allowing them. There is no "free speech" in a private company's paid game, either; that term applies to the government, not private entities.

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Why are hate speech words and phrases even allowed is my point. ANet can block known slurs from even being sent in chat messages. They make the game. Why is is on the people these slurs target to constantly have to see and take action in the moment. Reporting and whatever action may happen from those reports (no action, I see WvW commanders use these regularly, over multiple years despite reporting every time) does not stop those people from using the slurs in the first place.

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