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Another Spell Breaker Idea


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Hello everyone! This is another spell breaker idea. In past topics, I have brought up things like boon steal to give priority, Revenge Counter reworks, changes to GM traits to give spell 3 distinct play styles, MBT buffs, Sun and Moon Style, etc. Today, we will talk about enchantment collapse, and using it to give spell a boost in sustain!


The Concept:

Use Sun and Moon Style and Enchantment Collapse to boost spell’s boon strip capabilities even further and provide more self sustain. To finish it off, there are small recommendations for altering utilities to help round out the total kit. 

Reworked Traits:

Enchantment Collapse: 

Removing a boon from a foe causes all nearby foes to lose additional boons, and heals you. 
Boons stripped: 1

Healing: 250

ICD: 1s per target



This provides a consistent healing source for spell that scales with the number of foes effected. This gives spell better scalability I’m outnumbered fights, while retaining the ability to expand its area of boon strip with Enchantment Collapse’s original effect. This combination of added boon rip and healing makes the trait a more viable alternative to MBT, ideally expanding the builds available to spell. 


Sun and Moon Style becomes Sun Style:

Using a Meditation Skill causes your next attack to remove a boon from an enemy. Meditation skills gain reduced recharge (20%)


The reduced cooldown helps the utilities stand more on their own, and the added boon strip provides a small increase to spell’s strip capabilities. While these changes are small, when joined with Enchantment Collapse and the alterations to a few utilities, it could create a much more powerful version of spell that leverages meditations more. 

The Utilities: 

The focus here is on improving the overall functionality slightly, given the reduced recharge that is now available via Sun Style

Natural Healing: 

Heal yourself for 7 seconds, cleansing conditions from nearby allies and stripping boons from nearby enemies.

Healing per second: 1100

Conditions Cleansed per second: 1

Boons Stripped per second: 1

Radius: 240

Cast Time: 1/2s

Cool down: 32s



The values of the skill remain the same, with the boon strip no longer being imposed on one’s self, but being used as a secondary function to provide better area boon denial. When paired with Enchantment Collapse, the heal gains a small boost, and helps expand the area boon denial even further. 
The health-over-time is a niche that warrior no longer has access to. It used to via the combination of Adrenal Health and Healing Signet, but that is no longer a viable synergy (for good reason, mind you). This gives a more active-use-passive-effect play style to the health over time, prioritizing timing. 
The cast is shortened from 1.25s to 1/2s to create a faster activation, since this heal has the intention of being able to be used offensively (for boon strip on a push) as well as defensively (for health). 
The cool down is increased by 7s to account for the over-time effect and cool down reduction trait. It’s effective base cool down would be 25s (the same as the present skill) and it’s cool down-reduction effective cool down would be 19s. 

Sight Beyond Sight: 

Reveal nearby foes and make your next few attacks critical hits. Removes blind.

Unique effect: Your attacks now critically hit for 3 seconds

Reveal Duration: 4s

Blind removed

Radius: 600


This is a small alteration, providing a window of critical hits rather than a single guaranteed critical hit, similar to the vision sigil alterations. This gives SBS more of an offensive role that can be timed well with bursts, as well as the anti blind and stealth utility role, brining up the skill overall. The window for critical hits was shortened since it is no longer a singular hit. 
Additionally, this skill paired with sun style gives access to a singular boon rip on a shorter cool down ammo skill, bringing up the potential utility of the skill as a whole. 


Theres more in spell that could be changed to improve its standing, but I feel these small changes would increase the scalability of spell in small and large engagements more dramatically, giving more synergy across traits as well as between traits and utilities, sigils, and weapon skills. 

Please, leave your thoughts, questions, criticisms, or favorite food (the correct answer is pancakes) below 🙂 


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