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I think about this every Halloween season, anyone else?

Storm Wolf.8054

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     That candy corn elemental combat tonic from GW1, anyone else lay in bed at night and just think, "kitten, I want her." (her being a candy corn tonic that let's you still swing weapons at bad guys while proudly representing the Mad King's candy corps, plus it would be nice to show our allegiance when the map gets filled with lots of "praise joko" in the chat, just thinking about doing some of those PoF metas versus a whole bunch of awakened with a zerg of sugary halloween heralds makes me excited, lol.

     Anyway, just wondering if there was any other GW1 veterans who also dream about maybe one day joining the candy corps in GW2 or if its just me, thanks for stopping by and reading the post!



Here's a link to the wiki page for the old GW1 tonic if anyone is unaware of what I'm referring to, Transmogrifier Tonic - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW) and the transformation itself too since that's on separate page, Avatar of Sweetness - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

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