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I'm so lost in tower of nightmares

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I got over 6k hours in gw2 but never played season 1, so I'm very happy about finally getting to experience it!

Here's the thing though, I'm so lost after I made my way to a blocked pathway with a trahearne event behind it, but I can't access it.
Tried to look for a pod/key to open it but nothing yet 😔

Am I just to stupid to progress the story?

If anyone have a good video explaining how to do this story stuff for a R-worded person like me? 🙃

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2 hours ago, Cynder.2509 said:

I suppose there is a way since it's not bugged or else someone would have posted about this in the bug category here 😉 

The instance was bugged on two of the 4 times I entered. It went into a loop with mobs respawning without the Boss spawn. There were no way to exit the room except by logging out because you'll be in constant combat mode. Just a matter of time before someone post.

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Same thing, been here in a pod for 40 minutes with dozens of players and everyone is pissed tf off and confused on how to free prisoners


edit: Specifically, I entered the tower (public) and I walked right from the first floor entrance to the end of the third floor. There were a few enemies but no events at all and everyone was already confused where the objective events were.


The final third floor pod was open and when people entered they ended up in an eventless nightmare pod with endless mob spawns but no boss or exit so players were confused on how to free prisoners and stuck in combat (cant zone out).

Tl;DR the entire thing was completely 100% broken from start to finish.


It wasnt until I force quit the game and re-entered the tower that I got a new instance with events and boss pods and understood what happened in the previous run.

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There seem to be several bugs with this.

Another one: Sometimes Trahearne is bugged during the fight and runs into the wall and players can not see nor damage him. If this happens it helps if all players (and their pets) go into the center of the area and stay there and after a while Trahearne comes back into the fighting area and can be damaged.



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