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Devs hate this 1 weird trick to make Reapers have a better variety of builds...


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I don't really see how much that will help. You need to constantly go in and out of shroud to proc soul barbs. You will always have it when you enter shroud, so unless the cd is so short that you can use it twice in the same soul barb window then it really doesn't do much. Even if you can the damage increase isn't that significant. I'd rather they buff executioner's scythe instead just so there's an additional damage button to press in shroud.

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Assuming the poster is actually serious, no I don't think is a good idea. Your shroud right now is already go in and press 4 and then hit 1 until your soulbarb is about to run out. Aka you are pressing 1 button almost the entire loop. Let's not make it literally 1 button. You want to have more than 1 button to press. Maybe not all 5 but certainly more than 1.

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