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whats with lw loot boxes being sold in gem store


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i logged in today i check the gem store and i see living world loot boxes being sold. the first thing that crossed my mind is did a certain gaming company we all know that has a horrible habit of this type of thing just buy anet. in the next dragon bash are dragon chest going to be in the gem store? been playing for 10 years i do not remember this ever happing unless it happen when i take breaks from the game. lw loot should be dropped in the living world not sold for gems. if this is a sign of things to come and becomes the new normal i wonder how anet handles the backlash. by the way if any of you new players are thinking about buying it for one of the weapons skins its much cheaper to by them in the player shop

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2 minutes ago, Linken.6345 said:

yeah just like that. i must have messed it if it happened before. i would have posted this back then if i saw it lol

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23 minutes ago, trunks.5249 said:

loot boxes just like the dragon bash chests with possible weapon skins and uncommon, common stuff

They did that for the first Dragon Bash: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Rich_Dragon_Coffer

There were similar variations for all the first year's festivals, and a lot of other releases, like the Wintersday Mystery Boxes. They stopped doing those after a while, I think partially because they always got complaints, especially if they included account bound exclusive items. But they still do some types of loot boxes in the gem store, in addition to black lion keys. All the dye packs are technically loot boxes, since what you get from them is random, as are the random mount licences, and then odd things like these.

At this point I think if you don't like loot boxes in the gem store all you can do is refuse to buy them. But it's not new and certainly not a change of direction.

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