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Why 2 Infinite Watchknight Tonic Rewards from the group of Clockwork Chaos Achievements?


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I think the title pretty much spells it out but lets go into this. 


When Clockwork Chaos was released.  Along with the story line (which is great cause I missed it the first time around), there were also 32 achievements added to it.  With points and rewards for doing the work.  Some of that work being a bit grinding or having to find a group to go into Aether Path with you (so hard to find good help). 


Now, what got me going was 2 different achievement give you an Infinite Watchknight Tonic.  The same tonic.  I got that tonic a while back, so I did not need either BUT... I can imagine giving out 1 as a reward would be great for those that don't have it.


Sooooo.... Why 2?  The tonics are account bound and once added to your novelties.  It's unlocked to all of your characters on that account.  Which makes the second one... useless.  I can't sell it to a merchant or even on the black lion (not that anyone would want to buy it with 2 in their inventory).  You can't use it in crafting either. 


So again, why 2?  It's a waist.  It would be better to not get a second 1 and just achievement points then to get it at all.  Getting it make the achievement feel worthless.  Both achievements that gave it were not simple or quick to do either. 


So ya, just weird.  What were you guys thinking, Arenanet?  I really would love to know.


I am going to sit them on an alt character.  Next to my 25 mini Queen Jennah I get on any character I make that turns 1 years old (that I can not do anything with). 

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Because there are two halves of the achievements.

There is the new set, which was added in the re-release. This gives the fancy new armor piece as well as the mystic forge weapon skin. It also has the tonic drop.

then there is the original set of achievements, once again obtainable for those who weren't around before. This also includes the tonic, as it did long ago.

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