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Make Scrapper Gyros more visible


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Having tiny gyros that I can hardly see ruins the class fantasy of Scrapper commanding a fleet of gyrocopters. How can I feel like I have a bunch of hand-crafted flying minions at my disposal when I have to strain my eyes to see them?


My suggestion for improving the feel is to return the gyros to their old pre-rework size and have them orbit around the edge of the well area similar to Catalyst hammer projectiles. Thoughts?

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gyros are not minions, thay are personal nano-bots like jed bot

imagine blast gyro boosting might/fury, purge gyro condi cleanse, and bulwark gyro f skill aply stab all in diferent place it wuld be nightmare for support role xd

Similar problem have support mechanist wher you control 1 minion that needs following you insted of attacking target cuz it spaws skills on himself

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