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Elves, flying Rainbow Kitties, Top Gun sunnies ... yet no Horse mount skin?!


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15 hours ago, kharmin.7683 said:

I think the desire is due to some players not appreciating the level of fantasy that is GW2 or that they would prefer something more basic.  /shrug

I think a horse works just fine within the fantasy level of Gw2. Maybe they just want something slightly easier to house and feed then a raptor!

6 hours ago, Super Hayes.6890 said:

A basic horse mount with no special skills that runs slower than the raptor could be added to the game. It could be the f2p no frills mount 🤷‍♂️ But a skin for an existing mount solves the request while creating revenue for the game. Warclaw makes the most sense to me.

Jackal fits better (more use), and has elk and ox style skins already, as well as the Kirin. But I do feel Jackal seems to be getting a lot of these "other species" skins so it would be nice to split it up.

However, I do agree that warclaw could be used for the skin (assuming animation issues aren't a problem, with the model skeleton?) and it'd be functional in PVE, just not as fast.

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Nah. Premium Horsey skin for beetle. Before you dismiss it out of hand, imagine doing airtricks on the horse and racing very very fast (the rear half of the horse will be extend to under the current seat.


Ok. Some people really hate vanilla. Put elf ears and canthan dragon claws and asura teeth on the horse to solve the problem. It will also spit at you camel-style when it is bored.

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On 9/15/2022 at 6:33 AM, Ashantara.8731 said:

This game is full of lore- and immersion-breaking skins. People are

  • wearing t-shirts, blue jeans, white sneakers, sunglasses, mini skirts,
  • dressing in futuristic cyberpunk gear,
  • now able to cosplay Elves,
  • using furry rainbow kitties for jade-bots,
  • riding tons of beasts that are not present in Tyria's fauna nor lore,


i would also love a horse with armor and with the armor make it the mount that has the highest HP and have extra swords on the sattle  and the  attack could be it spinning  around and hits the enemy with its hide legs. they do kill people in real life with that move. 

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