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[SUGGESTION] Player-made Gryphon and Racing-Beetle races


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I've posted this on Reddit, but I think here it has a bigger chance to be seen and thought about.


There might even be a mod/plugin for it, but I think if ANET make a little "Race Update" and give players the option to make races on any map they want (with smalls exceptions, of course) and some kind of leaderboard, people would go crazy on racing. I'd love to see what people come up by making some kitten impossible races on Verdant Brink or Tangled Depths.

The ability to make races could include the ability to place a starting point via a Racing Flag, and then placing on the world big blue checkpoint balls, the little balls that recharges stamina, and maybe if they really want to update it a little more, extra stuff. Maybe ramps that just show up while doing the race. A flaming donut you gotta go through, Pog. Also, of course, for a race to go online to Public, you must complete it yourself with your best estipulated time before.

I don't even think it needs any kind of rewards in new skins or gold. Roller-Beetle racing is already a reward in itself.

Flying races with Gryphons are a HUGE YES too.
About Trolling which has been brought up as a topic, and also about revenue. Race-making could be a gemstore item, so it'd be the first bottleneck. People wouldn't just "spam 2000 flags everywhere" or flags on top of interactable objects for trolling. I'm pretty sure the ability to make a race would be quite expensive. A person suggested 2400 gems. For 2400 gems, you need the ability to make a whole race from start to finish, the complete package, and the ability to return in the future and edit said race. If the price is cosiderably lower, give us racing pieces like ramps, stamina balls and other playthings for race medals, while the "race flag" is a gemstore item (In this case, player races should give race medals as rewards too).
I believe the ability to always come back to your race to edit it must be present, whichever the value making a race is. I honestly do not believe there will be THAT kitten MANY races to the point some specific maps become "littered with flags". Still, races could be upvoted or downvoted, maybe. A race being downvoted enough, it could be entirely deleted (yes, you just lost 2400 gems, potentially). This would solve kitten-shaped races (I honestly don't see a problem with kitten-shaped races, though? Let people draw their penises, don't kink-shame >:C ) and "flags in annoying places" would get downvoted until deleted. Maybe not downvoting, but a report feature for that would serve better. Though I believe voting would suffice, since racing is a niche feature, so I don't think people would trollvote good races out, specially if it takes multiple clicks to be able to upvote or downvote it. You of course can only vote for a race after you tried it.

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No amount of gems would stop this being an idea which would be a spam fest of people throwing flags down to make races and spoiling the open world. It would become a complete mess within hours of launch. And then players would stop doing races and the place would be littered with flags. You then have the need for moderation teams and reports, when the current team seems unable to keep on top of genuine moderation and not issues. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of issues. The whole thing is fine in theory, but in practice would be unworkable and a gift to the trolls with virtually no one using them as intended.

I don’t think open world should have player made content. Ever. This sort of thing only works with private instances and this can already be done with Guild Halls.

It would be better for Anet to add in more races themselves. 

Also, if roller beetle racing was a reward for itself, there would be lots of people doing it. There aren’t. When they added the races to various maps a few years ago, they were populated for a week or two and then abandoned. 

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I don't know what's up with your text formatting but it's painful to read.


It sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. People absolutely WOULD pay gems to troll others, have you done any HoT meta with placeables on top of chests to stop people looting them? It happens every single time.


An idea like this is best for guild halls, and we already have basically all of the functionality except making a leaderboard and reset back to start button.

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I had a similar idea some time ago but as much as I wanted the possibility of player driven / designed content, I have to admit nowadays, that mount racing is such a niche activity, an ingame feature visible to all other players would most likely be used for trolling instead of the intended way. 😢

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But there is also good news: There are active guilds dedicated to the griffon like The Griffon Academy [Wing] and the roller beetle like Beetle League Racing Team [RACE] (mostly on EU servers) or Tyria Drift [DRFT] (mostly NA based).

Each of them offer several live events and new tracks / courses for flying and drifting. 😊

I hope it's ok to drop their discord links here:

[Wing] https://discord.gg/the-griffon-academy

[DRFT] https://discord.gg/hGxVCFVw

[RACE] https://discord.gg/55u5uQux

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