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The Old Man and Muskellunge


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Man, I hate Dusk&Dawn Fish 😂
Up to 26 now.
26 dawn/dusks in Ascalon trying to get that kittening Muskellunge.
I managed to do six zones in the days and nights while chasing the kittener.
They will implement a "catch a million fish" achievement and I will get it - counting from when it was released - before I catch Muskellunge.
My tombstone with have a picture of it next to the texts "The one who got away" and "Cod Swimming Amongst Mere Minnows 99%" in the top right corner. The inscription will be "Marcus got to see too few dawns and dusks in his life, but at least he was acutely aware of each one".
People will not leave flowers on my grave; they will leave 3D printed Muskellunge models. The cemetery groundskeeper will be paid to put a float on my grave every even hour at xx:25-xx:30 and every odd hour xx:40-xx:45. 
My savings will be used to start a foundation to help those dealing with the trauma of unfinished life goals. Their membership t-shirts shall say "0,99 is rounded up" and their pick-me-up catchphrase will be "the world is more beautiful with Muskellunge still roaming the seas" and none of them will know what it means, since all references to the fish were purged from the game and internet in honour of my memory when the story of my death and lifelong struggle reached the news.
A tombstone will be placed in Loreclaw Expanse in the Plains of Ashford with the inscription "The Life That Could Have Been Lived" and a broken fishing rod will lean against it, as a warning to all those who come after.

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It’s a stubborn fish then 😧 but keep your spirit up. Only 9974 tries to go! 

If I remember correctly, I got several of them while I was there with full stack of fishing buff while trying to get the exotic fish. That one was the elusive for me. RNG will be RNG. Good luck though! Hopefully you will get it soon

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