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Necro minion master question for newbie necro


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Hello peeps, I want to start playing necromancer and taking it a bit more serious, I have played engineer ever since it was released and ever since they dropped mechanist I have had a blast playing it even though I am aware of how strong it is. 

My question is very simple, can I do most content as a minion master necro ? It's the type of gameplay I enjoy the most, the pet centric stuff but I'm afraid I'll be dragging my party down if I do play as a minion master necro. As for solo content is MM necro good too?

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Minion Master is essentially an Open World build, there isn't really a spot for it in instanced content or competitive game modes right now. Quite honestly, it isn't that good, you can see it more as a fun/stress-free build to enjoy in Open World as you pretty much can't die while playing it. But the DPS isn't good and you'll be slower to clear content than with a proper build.

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Unfortunately Minion master is an extremely weak build. It isn't even that good in many open world maps. Especially maps in the expansions. Although they are fine in Core maps, they're carried hard by the powerful AoE skills from weapons like Staff, Scepter and greatsword and from shroud skills like Manifest Sand shade, core shroud, reaper's shroud and Harbinger's shroud.

I've done literally hundreds of hours of testing on minions and minion master builds and a dedicated minion master build is actively a bad build, even in open world.

Necromancer does often use some minion skills in specific situations and fights. Blood Fiend is a good option when at long range as its healing is actually very strong and the extra damage is nice. Shadow fiend is used for Scourge to maintain more life force when they have nothing else to take since it has no cast time to use its flip skill haunt. Flesh golem is used on all three elite specs for its powerful break bar damage. Flesh Wurm is used for its ability to teleport past specific things or return to key locations. Bone Minions and bone fiend are not used on any build aside from the open world build. "Rise" isn't use on any build aside from the Reaper open world minion build. Its a Fun skill for sure, but it has poor scaling in other content.

I hate to be a downer on the build.. Minion skills themselves are mostly pretty decent, but the opportunity cost of using death magic is too high when Spite, Curses and soul reaping all provide far better damage than death does.

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As @Lily.1935 said, Minions really aren't worth it whatsoever, at least as dedicated build. They are mostly a constant inconvenience in terms of keeping you in combat as well as a chore in resummoning with long cast times, while even an entire bar full of minions does legitimately a fraction of the DPS of Auto Attacking, and that with dedicating your Heal Skill, 3 Utility skills, an Elite skill and 2 Trait lines (Death- and Blood Magic) to them, which can be used otherwise to gain exponentially more Damage (and with that I mean ten times as much), as well as Sustain and Utility.


Except for certain niche use cases, such as Flesh Golem for CC, Shadow Fiend for LF generation, Flesh Wurm for some skips or projectile blocking, or in combination with Necromantic Corruption as Condi cleanse tool in a PvP setting, I'd go as far as to describe them as a genuine player trap in how poorly they perform. 


/E: That said, anything can get through the Story and OW. A Minion Master build will just be exceedingly slow at it, albeit pretty immortal - although there are far better ways to achieve the latter without making nearly as much concessions in the former.

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As usual the living have no appreciation for death and the gifts it brings into their insignificant, purposeless existence.
Allow Joko the Wise to guide your journey into the realm of Death Magic, and all of it's wonders.

Death Magic is an excellent pick for a selfish bruiser. Imagine a young (that means still living) naive necromancer that tries his hand at being the land's new hero clad in few rags waving around a greatsword and trying to slay a hydra..
The good news is, it brought him into caring embrace of your loving emperor, though  some missing pieces had to be "borrowed" for his awakening..

The wise necromancer would dip into Death Magic which can make a peasant in rags (no offense to your occupation) an unkillable Behemot!
Stack your new Death's Carapace with Fervor worthy of true corrupter, and you too shall enjoy benefits of 600 toughness and pulsing protection, making your regular brainless zerker build necro twice as durable for that alone!

A good minion is also not to be underestimated!
Reapers in particular can reap major benefits for choosing their Rise! skill.
These things act like undead protection with legs. They hit something, you get hit for 33% less.
Paired with fully stacked Death's carapace, a butt naked necromancer can take roughly 1/3 the damage he would orignally suffer just for these two things alone...

Some appreciate the  spectacle of an army of minions exploding in poisonous clouds just to spawn new ones from fresh corpses of your enemies.... Joko does miss a good scarab plague..
While he will not hand you any scarabs, Death Nova (combined with purtrid defense for that extra toxicity) is a close second..

Should such delicacies for one's lich heart be simply too sophisticated a play for the common rabble you're forced to mingle with, you can always go with a classic such as Flesh Golem. Simple, stupid, and great from breaking any roadblocks made by pitiful pockets of resistance. Well that and whatever was behind them... Joko approves.

Blood fiend is a bit of special case. He's both best and worse way to restore your brittle mortal body in it's futile attepts to elude the imminent reunion with Joko.

While it's healing is lowest of your healing skills, it's extremely reliable and acts independently of you. When focusing on your offense, it'll provide regen style healing. As long as you bring your own burst heal (such as dagger 2 skill or Signet of the Locust) you will be surprised at how much value it provides.


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