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Reduced percentage on guild boosters

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So I had everything at 12% booster for XP, Karma, Gathering, and WvW reward track.


I just go change my booster, cause we're only allowed one, and surprise surprise, only the gathering remained at 12% 

All others were reduced to 6%


Any explanation to why this is?

On top of having to choose just one booster, now gets reduced for some unknown reason.

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1 minute ago, Endaris.1452 said:

The guild boni depend on the tavern bonuses of your guild or something.

Meaning if you got the buffs in a max level guild previously and now you get them in a lower leveled guild, you'll receive lower %, perfectly normal.

Never changed guild.

I've only been on this guild.


It's just this morning, I went to pick one up and everything was on 12% boost increase. 


Went to change ot just before , and only the gathering one remained @ 12% 

All the other boosters were reduced from 12 to 6%


I find this really strange and irritating. 


Does having more ppl on the guild increase it?

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4 hours ago, MintyMin.2718 said:

After reading this, I login to check.

Except for the Crafting and Gathering guild boosts which are at 20%, the rest are at 10% boosts. I don't see any 12% or 6%? Is your character at max level? But honestly idk if that makes a difference. Weird 😶

Ok. Thanks.

I just checked with wiki and the table does confirm what it is now.


Gathering 12%

Karma, XP, and WvW reward track at 6%


I don't know if I just seen it wrong or imagined things.

Probably just saw the gathering at 12 and thought everything would be.


Thanks again.

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